Saturday, 15 December 2012

Wee Korea Film Group Glasgow, Scotland

I recently attended the first WeeKorea Film night in Glasgow, and it was a brilliant way to start the group!

Finding people in a city such as Glasgow with interests in Asian cinema can be quite rare. It can be even rarer to get the chance to see an Asian film in a cinema or at a public showing. I was quite surprised to stumble upon the WeeKorea Film group on facebook but was delighted and intrigued about the idea of watching and discussing Korean films with like minded people.

WeeKorea film is the brain child of Trent Kim, a hard working young man who wants to bring a slice of Korean culture to the people of Scotland bimonthly. The event was supported by the Glasgow School of Art and the screening was in the Glasgow School of Art Student Union. It's a great and handy location because it also has a reasonably priced bar with food available too.

The film of the night was 'Where is Ronny?' by Sang Kook, Sim. An excellent, funny and thought provoking film which I will be reviewing shortly. And rather than sitting through trailers and adverts, we were shown a short film to start the night 'Merry Christmas' by Yang Joon, Choi. Another classic little gem to come out of South Korea, and this one was actually subtitled by Trent Kim himself for us... What a guy!

Members of WeeKorea Film enjoying the movie Where is Ronny... Nice hats guys.

For all information about the WeeKorea film group and to join, check out the facebook page here

The next night is going to be held on Tuesday the 19th of February 2013 at 7pm at the Glasgow School of Art Student Union. Hoping to see you all there!