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Their class has a secret no one dares talk about...

Anime - 9 January 2012 (Japan)
Director: Tsutomu Mizushima
Production: P.A. WORKS, Team Another
Currently Airing Weekly

In a third year classroom of Yomiyama Kita Middle School in Japan, there was a girl student called Misaki. The girl was very popular with fellow students as she was good at sports and also an honours student. Misaki suddenly died and strangely her classmates carried on as if she was still alive until graduation. In the Spring of 1998 a new boy Kouichi Sakakibara gets transferred to the class. He realises there is a strange and fearful atmosphere in the classroom and among students, who all seem to be deeply afraid of something. One of the girls Mei Misaki seems to attract him but the closer he gets to her the more the mystery and horror unfold at the school.

"Another" is definitely an interesting and fresh new anime, not like any I have witnessed before. The horror mystery anime is based on a novel called "new masterpiece" and there is soon to be a live action version hitting Japan in the summer!

What do you call Anime Girls with only 1 eye? Anime Grls

I feel I should inform readers that this anime might not be for everyone. The story and visuals can be quite dark and graphic. With some of the scenes being a little shocking! But that's all part of the fun for people who like horror, and horror anime shouldn't be any different. The animation is nice with a lot of dark and moody colours to really capture the fear and darkness of the anime. The blood is often very striking and rich! And some of the deaths are nothing less than horrifying. Japan is often praised as a master of suspenseful horror and this also shows across the format of Anime.

The music for Another is actually fantastic! The musical score builds up suspense very well, it really helps with the eerie feel of the anime and it also helps deliver the scares! The opening theme is Kyomu Densen (Nightmare Contagion) by ALI PROJECT which suits this anime perfectly with it's sound, especially during the chorus. And the ending theme is Anamnesis by Annabel.
Wait to you see this result of carrying an umbrella!

Another is a thrill ride that sucks you in and leaves you wanting more as you try to solve the mystery for yourself and figure out what exactly is going on, and what their class secret is. Each episode unravels just enough to leave you wanting more! It's an anime that usually ends on a cliff hanger and leaves you 'dying' to see the next episode. Har-har. So give it a watch!

Another is available to stream at Anime Crazy or Watch Anime Online
Or if you prefer download then check out Nyaa

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