Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Takeshi Kitano's Films Ranked Best To Worst

My first article is up on Taste Of Cinema.
It's a comprehensive list ranking all of Takeshi Kitano's directorial filmography from best to worst.
Give it a read. And let me know what you think.



  1. Hard to argue with that list. STILL due those rewatches, so this has (hopefully) provided the necessary nudge.... that and the news a 3rd Outrage is arriving later in the year. Brother's another odd one - I remember finding it just a bit "turned up to 11" (intentionally being his American debut?) at the time, but having watched it since it's actually pretty solid. Dolls I just recall being painfully slow but visually striking. It's not one I ever bothered to hunt down on DVD for another viewing. Doubt I'll ever catch up with the other 2 in the Takeshi's trilogy - they sound pretty niche - but will definitely check out Ryuzo....

    1. Kitano's filmography can be barking mad but loads of fun, even his lesser films are still entertaining.
      Yes Brother still seems to get some hate from Kitano fans but it's a really enjoyable watch, the relationships between the characters really drives it for me. Such a shame some of the American actors are a bit hammy.
      Dolls is a beautiful film. But indeed very slow. I appreciated it more the second time round, hopefully it will grow on me more. The UK bluray looks stunning.
      Yeah the whole Takeshi's trilogy isn't necessary. Seems like it's just Kitano having some fun and doing whatever he wanted. Only really worth it if you want to see his full filmography.
      Ryuzo was lots of fun and one of his most accessible in recent years. Shame it didn't get a bigger release because it has mainstream crossover appeal.

      Thanks for the feedback mate.

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