Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Like Iron Man? Like Andy Lau? This will make you happy!

Big blockbuster sequel Iron Man 3 will be shot on location across China and Hong Kong during the summer and with a scheduled May 2013 release. Disney is very interested in getting a big Chinese name attached to the project to bring in more money from the Asian market. See The Green Lantern, with Jay Chou, which had bigger openings across China than it did in the United States.

Could the Infernal Affairs actor star in Iron Man 3?

Chinese Actor and Pop Star Andy Lau is in negotiations for the role in Iron Man 3 which will be directed by Shane Black(Kiss Kiss Bang Bang). Lau is to play a scientist and a good friend of Tony Stark, and apparently has to come to his aid... Take that for what it is worth!

Sounds interesting! If you have to get a big Chinese actor, may as well get the biggest!

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