Friday, 18 May 2012

Takeshi Kitano delivers "Outrage Beyond" in October!

Fans of Takeshi Kitano and Yakuza films in general will have been impressed with his return to the violent crime films that propelled him to stardom in Outrage. It was a brilliant Yakuza drama and also pretty brutal! The film must have been a success as Kitano is making a sequel, Outrage Beyond, which will be released across Japan in October and continue from where the original left off. Takeshi will again be starring in and directing the flick.

"We need them to swing across that river on a rope and try to stick to the Velcro wall"

Sanno-kai—the major yakuza organisation within the Kanto region and the main focus of the first film—butts heads with Hanabishi-kai from the Kansai region as police try to take them all down. Kitano returns as crew boss and all-around dirty-job-doer Otomo.

Hmm interesting... If you have seen the first film you will know why this synopsis is intriguing. If not, then go watch it! It's available everywhere on DVD on also to stream on US Netflix!

Teaser below:

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