Tuesday, 16 October 2012

70 Free Korean Films On Youtube!

Do you like free films?

Do you like Korean films?
Of course!

Do you want to watch 70 classic Korean films for free?
...... Come again?!

Every now and again something brilliant gets uploaded to youtube, like Bed Intruder or Gangnam Style. But something even more interesting is The Korean Film Archive which has uploaded 70 full length Korean films from 1949-1996! Completely free to watch, and completely legal! So check them out!


Full List Of Movies And Length:

A Hometown in Heart (1:17)

The Hand of Destiny (1:30)
The Widow (1:15)
Yang san Province (1:30)
Piagol (1:48)
Holiday in Seoul (1:31)
The Wedding Day (1:17)
Madame Freedom (2:05)
Hyperbolae of Youth (1:34)
The Money (2:03)
The Love of Marriage (1:34)
The Bell Tower (1:36)
The Flower in Hell (1:26)
Nameless Stars (1:46)

A Romantic Papa (2:11)
Mr. Park (2:18)
A Drifting Story (2:04)
Soil (1:41)
Five Marines (1:58)
A Bonanza (2:07)
A Dream of Fortune (1:55)
A Coachman (1:38)
Mother and a Guest (1:42)
A Petty Middle Manager (1:45)
Evergreen Tree (2:23)
Under the Sky of Seoul (2:03)
Seong Chun-hyang (1:59)
Princess Yeonsan (2:15)
Aimless Bullet (1:48)
The Sea Knows (1:48)
Kinship (1:22)
The Barefooted Young (1:57)
The Seaside Village (1:33)
Horse-year Bride (1:33)
Early Rain (1:40)
Flame in the Valley (1:19)
Love Me Once Again (1:28)
The General’s Mustache (1:40)

Woman of Fire (1:40)
The Midnight Sun (1:40)
An Iron Man (1:33)
Yeong-Ja’s Heydays (1:47)
Devil! Take the Train to Hell (1:34)
Leoh Island (1:51)
A Woman After a Killer Butterfly (1:57)

Good Windy Day (1:58)
Does Cuckoo Cry At Night (2:00)
The Ball Shot By A Midget (1:42)
Parrot Cries With Its Body (2:02)
People of Ko-bang Neighborhood (1:51)
The Woman of Fire 82 (2:01)
Spinning the Tales of Cruelty Towards Women (1:44)
Carnivorous Animal (1:50)
The Oldest Son (1:48)
Mulberry (1:51)
Eoh Wu-dong (1:55)
Hwang jin-ie (1:59)
Our Joyful Young Days (2:04)
Gagman (2:03)
Chil-su and Man-su (1:48)

Black Republic (1:41)
The General’s Son (1:48)
Portrait of the Days of Youth (2:14)
The Road To Race Track (2:20)
The Marriage Life (1:37)
Sopyonje (1:53)
Rosy Life (1:34)
The Tae Baek Mountains (2:44)
The Day A Pig Fell Into A Well (1:56)
Festival (1:46)

If you watch any good ones or can recommend any then let me know, as I doubt I will be able to watch all 70!

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