Monday, 15 October 2012

A 'Young And Dangerous' Remake In The Works! Young And Dangerous Reloaded

I'm back with a bang!
Young And Dangerous: Reloaded
Shocking (and exciting?) news! Wong Jing is doing a reboot of the popular 90's Triad movie franchise! Except no Andrew Lau directing this time.

For those not up to scratch. In 1995 Andrew Lau directed, and Wong Jing produced a film called Young and Dangerous. Y&D follows a group of young gangsters in the Triad Society in Hong Kong through their adventures, success and dangers. This film made many stars including Ekin Cheng who played the main character Chan Ho Nam, and Jordan Chan who played his best friend Chicken. It also starred many Hong Kong house hold names such as Francis Ng and Simon Yam.

This proved to be very popular in Hong Kong. So much so that it generated a long line of sequels, prequels and spin offs. To my count, 6 main films and 7 spin offs... although some are just obvious cash ins... And don't have a lot to do with the series. These films were among the ones I first started watching when I got into Asian Cinema and they really inspired my love for Triad flicks.

Original... and best?

If you haven't seen these films I would highly recommend it! The main films are all worth while, ranging from good to great, and can be picked up in a complete box set on websites like ebay for about £20-£30.

Anyway... On to the reboot! Wong Jing looks like he has cast Triads who go to the gym more often than the originals. I don't know which one is more realistic for modern Triads, but the original looks more like what I imagine. Or what I see hanging around China Town looking a bit dodgy! In Reloaded, Him Law is portraying Ekin Chen's role of Chan Ho Nam, and Jordan Chan's role of Chicken with be potryated by Oscar Leung. Wong Jing has also promised audiences that he will provide more sex and violence to give the audience what they want. This looks more obviously true now after Oscar Leung shot a bed scene with 2 hot models... on the first day of filming! Wow, fast mover.

Chicken back on the streets in Hong Kong... Lock up your daughters

News and videos have already started coming out from the set and filming locations. On October the 13th a night time fight scene was filmed in Mongkok, HK. Chicken(Oscar Leung) was fighting with a rival gangster Philip Ng for one of the scenes in which he takes a bit of a beating, including getting hit with his own trouser suspenders 20 times! Ouch! Which left him visibly bruised and red.

Sounds pretty badass to me! Check out the video below for some of the filming and action...

Personally I think this looks promising!

Well this is definitely one to keep your eye on! I will post more news and updates as I hear/see them.
But in the mean time check out the original series! You won't be disappointed!

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