Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Ex-Files 2 Review 2015 前任2:备胎反击战

(Note: This sequel is not related to the original, you can watch it on its own.)

A fun Chinese rom-com which tops the original with its humour and its story.

Yi Ze is a director's assistant working on a big talent show. On the day of the Auditions she is dumped by her boyfriend by text message. Yu Fei, a budding singer and dancer is rejected for his audition by arriving late. Yi Ze feeling sympathetic and emotional let's him on the show, and to her surprise he goes on to win the show and becomes a mega popstar.
Seven years later Yi Ze becomes the assistant of an Advert director. While shooting a commercial that stars Yu Fei, the two meet once again. Yu Fei flirts with Yi Ze and tricks her into thinking he has fallen for her so she’ll change the advert in his favour. When Zi Ye realises she has been had, she goes about seeking revenge on him with help from a mysterious love guru.

Adapted from the Korean film How To Use Guys With Secret Tips, Ex-Files 2 actually has an extremely relevant and fresh story. China is producing a bunch of hit romantic comedies, and they seem to have found a winning formula. Queue the montages!

Montages seem to be a big part of Chinese romantic comedies, with some Mando-pop hits playing while the characters fall in love, or when then break up or fall out. Ex- Files 2 possibly has a little too many montages, but they never felt unwelcome, and many of the songs were actually extremely catchy. The song featured while they cook breakfast is one I need to track down for myself now.

This film is actually extremely funny. There are many laugh out loud moments. Some sexual jokes. Some slapstick. And some great visual comedy which translates to any language. There is a long running gag throughout featuring 3 male super fans of Yu Fei which always got a laugh from the audience.

Ex-Files 2 tops the previous film with its consistency. It flows better and doesn't sag like the first one. Also, although there is melodrama near the end(hey, it's a Chinese rom-com!), it's not nearly for as long or as depressing as the original.

A fun little film which will keep you entertained by making you laugh, making you cry and overall warming your heart


Ex-Files 2 has a limited Cinema release from the 6th November in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. So see it quickly! Click here for more information. Or if you miss out, look for it coming to DVD/Blu-ray soon!

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