Thursday, 5 November 2015

Shaolin Prince Review 1982 Hong Kong - Shaw Brothers

Crazy Shaw Brothers fantasy Kung Fu comedy guilty pleasure! This film is actually insane! But so entertaining.

The films starts with an evil iron fingered villain Lord 9th over throwing the monarch to take the thrown. The King's guards manage to get his 2 sons to safety, although they are separated. One makes it to the Prime Minister's house. The other makes it to the Shaolin temple where he is left in the care of 3 monks known as The Three Holy Fools. The story picks up 20 years later. The younger Prince(Derek Yee(Protégé)) has been brought up training as a master swordsman to get his revenge on Lord 9th. The Crown Prince(Ti Lung(A Better Tomorrow)) has been brought up as a Shaolin Kung Fu master, but has no idea he is the rightful King.

Shaw Brothers were struggling in the 80s and you can see their answer was to make everything bigger. More fight scenes. More sets. Lots of special effects and explosions. Crazy wire work. Technically, it isn't the best Shaw Brother's film, it doesn't have the best fight choreography, or the best story line. But it is one of the most fun. There isn't a dull moment! The film was actually ahead of it's time in many ways.

The Three Stooges meets Shaw Brothers!

This film is so crazy! The 18 Buddha's are spectacular! The Three Holy Fools are hilarious! The Magic Sword is nuts! The Demon exorcism is campy and over the top! Shaolin Prince has to be seen to be believed.

Another excellent job by Celestial with the remastering of this old title. The picture quality is crisp and new. And the audio is brilliant. This release comes with an English Mono dub or Mandarin with English subtitles. Released by FUNimation as part of their Hong Kong Connection releases.


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