Monday, 19 October 2015

Happy Together Review Wong Kar Wai 1997 Hong Kong

Sometimes lost between Chungking Express/Fallen Angels and In The Mood For Love. Happy Together is every bit as energetic, poetic and important!

Happy Together follows Lai Yiu-Fai(Tony Leung) and Ho Po-Wing(Leslie Cheung) who move to Argentina to try and reignite and fix their relationship. However their troubles return after a failed trip to a waterfall and their on/off relationship is on the rocks and severely tested this time.

Such a simple bare plot results in a complicated story. An often confusing love story yet most will be able to relate with the feeling of being stuck and drawn back in to a past relationship.

WKW and frequent cinematographer Christopher Doyle really make the location of Buenos Aires in to a world of their own. The colours are rich and vibrant, and the streets and salsa clubs are energetic and alive.

Tony Leung and Leslie Cheung both give stunning performances. Leung's being the more sympathetic role, with one scene in particular which will have you fighting back the tears.

An extremely important and relevant film from WKW and Hong Kong cinema during it's peak.
This Kino International bluray release has amazing picture quality and sound, and it is completely region free! It also features a 45 minute interview/Q&A with Wong Kar-Wai. And an hour long documentary which is a hybrid of a making of and deleted scenes. Both very interesting.

Another stunning must see film in the Wong Kar-Wai catalogue.


Check out the trailer below for a sample of how stunning this film really looks!

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