Thursday, 15 October 2015

Salute! Sun Yat-Sen Review (Meeting Dr. Sun) Taiwan 2014

A hilarious Taiwanese heist caper film.

Tired of being poor and being forced to pay his high school tuition fees, Lefty and a few of his classmates conduct a plan... Steal an abandoned  giant bronze statue of Sun Yat-Sen(father of Republican China) from their school storage and sell it for cash. Their scheme meets some unexpected hurdles when another class mate gets a hold of their plans. Let the heist and a battle of wits commence.

I wasn't aware that Yee Chin-yen was a multi award nominated and winning director. So the film caught me by surprise with how great it looked. A very bright and colourful film with the sunlit backgrounds, it's a real summer feeling film.

This is a coming of age teen drama, which is genuinely funny, interesting and exciting. It's a multi-layered comedy but with social and political undertones. And a rally cry for the Taiwanese youth of today!

Also, you can't forget about the masks, they actually sold the film to me by being so eye catching. The masks shot over the urban backgrounds look so fresh and interesting. I want one!

Released in the UK by Facet Film Distribution, the DVD also features an interview with the director and a behind the scenes featurette.


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