Thursday, 15 October 2015

Sparrow Review Hong Kong 2008 Johnnie To

Johnnie To delivers an unusual and remarkable caper film in Sparrow.

Unlike most of the popular and acclaimed To films, don't go in expecting an action crime film with stylish shoot out scenes. There are no guns in sight and no "typical" action, unless you count cleverly executed pick pocketing scenes as action, but the film still flies by! The hour and a half run time was over before I knew it.

Visually this is Johnnie To's best looking film, interesting stylish cinematography set over some of the best Hong Kong locations. And a slick soundtrack to match composed by French musican Xavier Jamaux. The music and visuals really make this film come alive.

It's really style over substance in Sparrow, but all in the best way. It's a simple story about pickpockets, very basic and not too much dialogue, but it is stunning and it has a fantastic exciting finale in the rain which will captivate you.


The 3 disc version from Terracotta Distributions comes with a bonus disc full of special features including a well made documentary about the director, interviews with the cast, footage from the press conference and more. And the 3rd disc is the full original soundtrack!

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